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In the past I used to have a development section where I would give information on development in case updates grew slow or were delayed or I just felt like making a thread! Sadly, I ditched the idea because I couldn't be asked to write out a thread with a fancy "intro". So just expect to see shit relating to the hack instantly when you click on the thread.

UI changes
I soon realized how useful these will be for customization sake and also cutting down the amount of windows all over the screen. I say, this is pretty good. (earlier version) very much so.

I guess on top of that I moved the "hitbox filtering" window contents into the Ignore settings window since the hack now has multi-selection based UI options now.


If you used the Followbot. You probably wondered why the bot would instantly start walking away the second you weren't visible to it. Well good for you. I've done a lot of improvements to the Followbot this week. You can follow people at great distances now than before. However this comes at a cost of performance. That sucks, but luckily it will only affect your bots game.

player warning & anti-backstab

Yea apparently a change I made like ages ago broke this features to a point where they would not work like most of the time. That is now fixed.


nice :D


epic games


great job


so that means next update is coming so soon? good job btw


good one



You are here » Lithium Cheats » Main » 10/28/2019